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Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu – Best Visiting Spots in Mt Abu

September 13, 2021

As its name suggests Mt Abu is the one and only hill station of Rajasthan situated in the mountains nearly 1300 meters above the sea level. It is the best place to relax and spend your cozy holidays. Mt Abu is the only place which attracts each and every kind of tourists because of its variety of spectacular locations. A glimpse of Mount Abu covers a fusion of religious, adventurous and romantic Spots for tourists.

Religious Spots

Sacred followers try to find peace in the holy ashram of Brahmakumaris in Mt Abu, which is universally known for their devotional ways of praying God. Dalwars Dera, Adahar Devi, Gomukh and Gurushikhar are the well-known temples known for their precedent mythology about Hindu Lords. Visiting these divine places is a peaceful experience for all religion’s tourists. Dalwara Dera temples are dedicated to Jain Tirthkars and famous for its marble carving while creation in a rock cleave makes Dalwara temple unusual. Saint Vashisth’s Yagya place is known as Adhar Devi temple and Lord Dattatrey is worshiped at Gurushikhar. Gurushikhr is the highest point of Mt Abu and also known for tremendous the view seeing of whole Mt Abu from various points of its.

Relaxing Spots

Beauty lover of nature can’t afford to miss the astonishing views of Sunset point and a mind smoothing water boat ride of Nakki Lake in Mt Abu. Sunset point is famous for the amazing view of mountains when sun sets in the line of mountains. Golden colored mountain peaks carve treasured memories of Mt Abu in tourists’ heart. Nakki Lake is a lake between tips of Mountains which is famous for the old tale related to it. It is believed that Hindu Lords have embossed this Lake through their Finger nails and though it is believed to be a holy place for Hindus. Boat riding makes your mind cheerful in the calm atmosphere of Nakki Lake. This lake is also remarkable for the variety of Intercontinental birds visiting lake yearly.

Historical Spots

Anchal Gadh is one of the best historical places of India known for the glorious history of Hindu Rajput Kingdom. It is near about 7 to 8 Kms away from the town Mt Abu. Anchal Gadh visitors must visit the Anchaleshwar Temple legendary for the statue of an ox known as NANDI which is made of five kinds of metals brass, silver, zinc, brass and fold.

Adventurous Spots

Tevor’s crocodile Park and Wild life sanctuary of Mt Abu are the paradise for wild life lovers. Tevor’s crocodile park is famous for the tanks which are made to breed the crocodiles. Apart from crocodiles one is able to see different species birds and black deer at this wild sanctuary spot. You need to be extremely lucky to spot a black deer in Tevor’s crocodile Park. Tourist generally arranges a whole day picnic to visit this famous spot. Wild Life Sanctuary of Mt Abu houses more than 300 species of birds, Leopards, Sambhar, Chinkhara and Langurs. Wild life sanctuary is located in complicatedly place Arravli mountains and well known for wild and rarely seen animals in India.

Source by Dr Easton Patrick