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The Most Outstanding Trekking Places in Nepal

August 20, 2021

Among the most beautiful countries in the world is Nepal. It boasts of the great ranges of Himalaya, which act as a top tourist destination. People from all over the world flock the country in different times of the year in order to experience the heights of the enormous mountainous geography, including the highest of all in the world – Mount Everest, which stands at more than 8000 meters above the seas. For adventure lovers, such as rock climbers and mountaineers, the high peaks are their number one source of motivation to visit the country. In short, the country is full of adventurous spots, with trekking being the most popular. It is therefore important to identify, highlight, and analyze the various trekking places in Nepal because it will assist potential adventurers to make a proper decision on the best places to undertake this critical activity.

Base Camps at Everest

As mentioned before, Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Within its region, several base camps provide interesting, beautiful, and attractive pathways. During the journey, travelers can comfortably view other mountain peaks, including the Himalayas. In addition, it is possible to see local people, their cultural practices, and the Buddhist monasteries. Among the base camps around Everest are Jiri Nepal, Arun, Hongu Valleys, Hinkhu, Chiwong Circuit, Salleri, Dudh Kunda, Pike Danda, and Lukla.

Annapurna Area

This place is ranked among the best spots for trekking purposes with Nepal. It provides the top-most spectacular pathways to the lovers of adventure. In the list of its remarkable trekking trails are the Annapurna circuit, Jomsom trek, and the south face camp. When hiking in this region, one is able to view the Himalayas; while at the same time have the privilege to visit Kali Gandaki River, Mt Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna top. This region provides ample views and experiences of the natural and cultural beauty

to the tourists

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Mount Kanchenjunga is world’s third highest peak in the world which lies in the eastern region of Nepal. Kanchenjinga base camp trek starts from Suketar and Taplejung.This base camp is least visited area by foreigners due to remoteness and technical challenges.It offers the most challenging trails which guide you to the most beautiful landscapes.

Manaslu Trek

Being the eighth highest mountain in the world, the Manaslu Trek is an outstanding facility that offers extraordinary views of other smaller mountains. While on the trekking process, one goes around this amazing mountain until the top, hence increasing the enjoyment of the journey. Moreover, this trail is secluded, remote, and diverse in terms of topographical status, which presents an overwhelming experience, especially to those explorers in the fields of science. Most importantly, this route requires experienced trekkers with advanced fitness physically since it is rather challenging. Apart from that, the way is superbly full of biodiversity.

Clearly, there are various beautiful, entertaining, and fascinating trails in Nepal that cannot be covered in one day by adventurers. Therefore, it is significant to plan and make a decision on the trekking places to explore.

Source by Raichu Lama