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The Best Spots For An RV Trip

May 21, 2021

One of the best things about owning an RV is that it gives owners the ability to see the country without having to pitch a tent. In fact, many Americans have been buying these vehicles and striking out across the nation. These people have a special privilege: first class tickets to some of the most beautiful spots in the country. Travel by camper offers full immersion in beautiful national parks and campsites, and the chance to meet some of the most friendly, welcoming people around. Here’s a list of just a few of the places you’ll want to visit with your RV.

1. Sacramento River, California

The Sacramento River is actually the largest river in the state of California, The area is famous for its history as a magnet for prospectors during the gold rush in the 1800s. The river spans over 400 miles, stretching from the Klamath Mountains in the North to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, very close to the San Francisco Bay area. Because of its huge length, trekkers can find rugged mountain slopes, vast wooded trails, traditional campsites, and some very beautiful vistas. Because of its potential as a prime wilderness destination, a number of RV parks have cropped up along its bank, from high-end establishments with free wi-fi to more spartan camp settings. Either way, a week spent in any of these places is a wonderful getaway.

2. Zion National Park, Utah

Though this one is a bit lesser known than some of the more famous National Parks, it’s absolutely beautiful. Mountainous vistas, six mile long Zion Canyon, and some amazing wooded areas await the intrepid traveler. Along the outskirts are several locations for you to park your ride. On top of everything else, visitors who stay near the southern entrance, in Springdale, have relatively quick access to such attractions as Bryce Canyon National Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

3. Fairbanks, Alaska

Nestled in central Alaska, Fairbanks is actually a fairly major city, by Alaskan standards. It offers plenty of natural wonders, particularly on the outskirts of town. Notably, it’s a favorite of guests who are hoping to catch a glimpse and a photo of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. The city is home to several friendly places to park your RV and offers a large network of trails for hiking and biking. In addition, visitors can take shuttle busses to such famous tourist destinations such as the Riverboat Discovery cruise, Pioneer Park, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

4. Yellowstone National Park

This one needs no introduction. Perhaps the most famous place in the United States National Park system, adventurers here have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see huge hills, broad fields, impressive forests, majestic animals, and some very beautiful geysers. A wide range of RV sites are located around the park, offering very convenient access.

With all of these wonderful destinations in your grasp, it’s no wonder so many have taken up RVing as a great family pastime.

Source by Anders Abadie