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Off Beat Destinations of India

September 6, 2021
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We all would agree that a well travelled person makes for an interesting company and if the places which he/she has been to are obscure yet exotic, it automatically makes their profile special. A popular destination would ensure the availability of several tourist friendly services and seasoned local populace but the real thrill lies in treading the path less traveled.

India boasts of plenty of quaint hamlets that qualify for an offbeat destination, places that can be interesting for the discerning traveler, one who wishes to beat the regular and look for the marginalized yet arresting locations.

  • Where else would you imagine boating in a lake called Dhoom Dham? Unlike its colourful name, this lake is fairly placid and can be found near a village called Wai, near Panchgani, Maharashtra.
  • Travelling towards the east you can visit the picturesque Neora Valley in West Bengal that is home to the elusive Red Panda. The more daring can undertake a 3 day trek to Rachela Pass which marks the convergence of Sikkim, Bhutan and West Bengal.
  • If you are one of those who like to explore historical sites, there are Junnar Caves near Narayangaon, Maharashtra that display intricate Buddhist architecture from the 2nd century BCE. Not known to many, these ancient caves attract archaeologists from all over the globe.
  • Another interesting spot lies in the thick jungles of Orissa. This might make you squeal but Baliguda was once notorious for human sacrifice, however such customs have now been abandoned for more tourist friendly ones. It’s a great place to witness authentic tribal life and their practices.

Many would argue that a vacation should be undertaken to relax and enjoy and not to put yourself through challenges yet when was the last time you did something exciting, something that made you feel alive? Besides many off beat destinations in India have come up with tourist friendly services that can promise to make your trip worthwhile. From North to South, travelers are enjoying their travel with the mixture of cultures, traditions, people and their habitat.

The main purpose of writing this article is to serve the purpose of revealing the unexplored exotic destinations of our country in front of global fraternity. So keeping in view the large scale boom of India’s tourism sector, we should preserve these hidden treasures of India. So it is the responsibility of every citizen of this country to protect the land of endless opportunities for explorers of both peace and adventure.

Source by Ashwani Dixit