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Cargo Shipping to Morocco

July 9, 2021
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Morocco is located in the Maghreb region of Northern Africa. It is comprised of rugged mountains and large dessert landscapes, with both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. This country has a population of more than 33 million people and is known for its independence and vibrant tourist industry. The coastline, culture and history have inspired the country to invest and grow in their tourist industry. Morocco has aspired to become one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world and to double its number of international visitors by 2020. With beautiful sites and wild adventures, Morocco has become an exceptional country to visit!

If you are planning on staying a little longer in Morocco, there are many ways to transport your belongings to your new residence. Using overseas shipping services to transport your belongings and other necessities has become a simple task! Here are a few things to consider before packing everything up.

Documents Required:

The Kingdom of Morocco governs in a constitutional manner with a king and prime minister. Before one visits or becomes a new member of Morocco, a few documents are required.

· Passport

· Residence Visa

· Work Permit or Work Certificate from the employer

· Certificate of Residence Change issued by the local authority at the point of departure Inventory (in French consular)

· Letter signed by the Customer authorizing the Destination Agent to clear the shipment

Customs Regulations:

During customs clearance one does not have to be physically present to achieve clearance. Household goods and personal items in reasonable quantities may be imported duty-free, if owned for more than six months. During the shipping process, if two shipments are made, the second shipment must arrive no later than six months after the first. All shipments are physically inspected.

Dutiable/ Restricted Items:

All items will be viewed by the Ministry of Information before a censorship visa is granted. Place any dutiable/restricted items near container doors for easy access.

· New items less than six months old (Commercial Invoice required)

· Food and beverages

· Electronic and electrical items are dutiable (load near container door for easy access)

· Antiques

· Portable phones must be approved by the Ministry of P.T.T.

· Medicine (permit from Ministry of Health required)

· Weapons and ammunition (hunting permit and firearm acquisition certificate required). Only smooth-barreled hunting weapons are permitted.

· Books, records and cassettes and compact disks: A list must be provided stating the title and name of author for each item

Prohibited Items:

· Moroccan currency

· Pornographic and politically sensitive material

· Narcotics and drugs

· Walkie-talkies

· Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products

· Explosives

Shipping a Car to Morocco:

There are specific documents and requirements that are in place when shipping a motor vehicle to Morocco. All vehicles are highly dutiable and permission to circulate is granted for three months, after this time, customers must pay Customs Duty or export the vehicle. Several documents are required when shipping a vehicle to Morocco, including: Import License, original car license, passport, auto paperwork and the invoice.

Bringing a Pet to Morocco:

All domestic animals are welcome in Morocco with the appropriate documentation. These animals require a Health Certificate, dated within 14 days of departure.

When you ship to Morocco, there is a dependable international cargo shipping company like Cargo Experts waiting to help you transport your belongings safely and reliably. Customs can be a lengthy and intrusive process. Make sure to include an itemized list of your packed boxes containing your belongings. Cargo Experts is here to help with any of your shipping needs or inquiries.

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Source by S Bodner