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Best Safari Places in Africa

July 8, 2021
Top Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

Nigeria is worth traveling as an exotic tourist destination of the Africa. It has over 70 exciting safari destinations including hundreds of other tourist spots. Various cheap flights are available to most of the destinations in Nigeria. If searching for low cost airlines in Nigeria, various budget Airlines come up with low air fare packages. These include Arik Air and Nigeria Air. Both the airlines come under the category of low cost budget air carriers. Arik Air is operating from Nigeria and offering the competitive most fares for Nigerian Destinations. Nigeria Air is operating from Nigerian and based at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. This airline covers 14 destinations within Nigeria.

You can also avail the facility of cheap flights to Nigeria, which has caused influx of tourists to Nigerian destinations have increased over the years due to provision of cheap flights to them for different exotic places within the country. To book flights by Nigeria Airline, visit website of both or anyone of above mentioned web sites. We are sure this will help you to get the best airfare offers.

Following is a list of worth seeing exotic sights in Nigeria (Remember that this is only a partial list of the many worth seeing locations in Nigeria):

Rirvers and Lakes include Azurnini Blue River: A crystal blue river namely Azurnini is located in Abia State, which is liked by the tourists for its crystal-clear blue water, sandy beaches, and yacht rides. Ibeno Beach: The beautiful beach lies in Akwa lbom State. Lake Chad: This Lake is thought to be an amazing place for boating.

Geographical sites include Yola Municipality: The place is a beautiful valley like spot. It keeps the swelling topography of three sister hill chains. The Hills of Benue: Tourists like various unbelievable shades in the hills in this geographical spot.

Archaeological heritage include Arochukwu: This site accommodates the cave of the famous long JuJu oracle. Ogbunike Cave: The cave is accounted for its archaeological status and a wonder of nature Anambra State. lgbo-Ukwu: This is a town of ancient ages built with bronze artifacts.

Parks and Safari life include Yankari National Park: One of the most developed Wildlife and Safari parks in Nigeria. Wikki Warm Springs: These are natural springs sprinkling warm water located in at Yankari National Park.

Source by Salman Asif